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Olio Fratoni

Organic Monovarietal Oil of Ascolana Tenera in Harmoniculture

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Of course! Call +39.0736.402541 and we will place your order by phone.


Organic Ascolana Tenera Monovarietal Oil in Harmonics is part of the Armoniculture® project, so called because of the use of music diffused at 2000 watts of power on cultivated land, with sound frequencies of 432 Hz. The aim is to improve the biochemistry of water as a memory and natural sounding board that modulates chemical reactions within the molecules of plants and every living organism. 

Features of the Organic Monovarietal Olive Oil

This research has led to the creation of the first organic monovarietal olive oil in Armoniculture with absolute organoleptic qualities and an unmistakable taste and fragrance.

  • Oil extraction method: Modern two-phase centrifugation with temperature control.
  • Olive variety: Ascolana Tenera Bio in Harmoniculture.
  • Campaign Olearia Oil campaign: 2020-21

With which dishes to pair it

It is ideal to enjoy raw with important cold and hot dishes such as baked turbot, sliced beef or seafood salad. It is the most popular oil in starred restaurants.

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