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  • Olio Monovarietale di Ascolana Tenera
  • Olio Monovarietale di Ascolana Tenera, 500 ml
  • Olio Monovarietale di Ascolana Tenera - 250 ml
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Olio Fratoni

Ascolana Tenera Monovarietal Oil

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The Ascolana Tenera Monovarietal Oil is obtained from a single variety of olive. Medium fruity oil with sense of tomato, unripe, almond and artichoke. The taste is due to the variety of olive itself and the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil.

Characteristics of Ascoliana Tenera Monovarietal Olive Oil

The particularity of this oil is its authenticity; indeed, depending on the period in which the olives are harvested, its characteristics vary, since the milling process (using millstones that grind the product into a paste) begins after mid-October and ends at the end of December; Consequently, the processing of very green olives will give rise to an oil with a fruity, intense and spicy taste with essences of artichoke and unripe apple; on the other hand, increasing the degree of ripeness of the olives will result in less intense fruits with a lighter and more pleasant taste.

  • Oil extraction method: Cold, modern two-phase centrifugation without the addition of water with control.
  • The oil is extracted using the cold method.
  • Olive variety: Ascolana Tenera
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  • Olive source: Marche
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  • Oil campaign: 2020-21

With which dishes to pair it

Tender Ascolana oil is ideal for combining raw with legumes, soups, steamed vegetables and simple bruschetta. We always recommend it raw on tomato and basil pasta, on a seafood salad or on grilled tuna.

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