For 50 years the Fratoni family has been producing and selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained by mixing olives of different varieties: Ascolana Tenera, Carboncella, Leccino, Frantoio etc. The olives used come from specialised crops in the Marche, Abruzzo and Molise regions. The olives used come from specialised crops in the Marche, Abruzzo and Molise regions.
In addition to the oil obtained by mixing these olives, the mill also produces an extra virgin olive oil of even higher quality.
The prized Olio Monovarietale di Ascolana Tenera, therefore obtained from a single variety of olives. 
The particularity of this oil is its authenticity; in fact, depending on the period when the olives are harvested, its characteristics vary, since the milling (processing carried out by means of millstones, i.e. grinders that grind the product into a paste) begins after mid-October and ends at the end of December; Consequently, the processing of very green olives will give rise to an oil with a fruity, intense and spicy taste with essences of unripe tomato, artichoke and apple; on the other hand, increasing the degree of maturity of the olives will result in less intense fruits with a lighter and more sweet taste.

The choice and selection of the olives is followed and supervised directly by the Fratoni family at the olive farms from which they are purchased and the olives are pressed within 12 hours of harvesting in order to preserve their characteristics and avoid fermentation.
At the Oleificio Fratoni it is also possible to taste all the oils accompanied by selected local and zero km products.

Tradition and Innovation


The special feature of the production process is undoubtedly the use of the traditional system of "first cold pressing", in which the product does not reach temperatures above 27° C during processing, thus allowing the oil to maintain its characteristics and vitamin content unchanged.By using heat sources at certain stages of the production process, and thus exceeding 27° C, we have "hot processing"; this method facilitates extraction and increases the yield of the oil.

The various stages of oil production using the method according to Tradition are:

  • Cleaning and washing of the olives
  • .
  • Franking using granite millstones
  • .
  • "Pressing" with a thousand hydraulics
  • Separation of the oily must
  • Filtration of the oil, then bottling

The new Pieralisi facility

For the Oleificio's 50th anniversary, the Fratoni family decided to increase production, without however affecting the great quality of its oil. It is for this reason that on 9 October 2016 the second plant of the Pieralisi company, world leader in the oil sector based in Jesi ( Marche ) was inaugurated, a two-phase extraction plant (i.e. the extraction of the oil took place without any addition of water in the olive paste) with Leopard series Decanter.

This is the most innovative and technological plant that the market offers. Completely automated, it works in closed cycle and without water, saving energy and giving greater yield and quality to the oil, making it the most environmentally friendly in its category.

This plant works alongside the Leopard series decanter in the olive oil mill.

This plant complements the traditional granite milling plant.