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Collection: Blend olive oil

An extra virgin olive oil is defined as Blend, or Multivarietal, if it is the result of processing two or more varieties of olives. 

The distinction between filtered and unfiltered Blend Oils

The distinction between crude oil and filtered oil is made in the last phase of production: the oil is passed through two cotton reels where the olive fragments still in suspension in the liquid are removed. The resulting oil is very clear and has a more delicate flavour than the previous oil, which is defined as crude oil.

Filtered Oil

All olives are processed within 24 hours of harvesting to obtain an oil of excellent quality.
 Fratoni Blend Classico oil is produced using a traditional system "like that of our grandparents", as Emidio Fratoni, founder of the company, likes to say. 
The oil obtained in this way is characterised by a delicate flavour and an unmistakable fragrance, capable of enhancing even the simplest dishes.

Unfiltered oil

Through the use of traditional equipment and olives processed on the same day as the harvest, an oil of excellent quality is obtained. The sweet taste and intense aroma allow the oil to be perfectly adapted to any dish, from meat to fish. The characteristic of this type of oil is its genuineness: it preserves in suspension small fragments of olive, rich in vitamins and polyphenols, which, with the passing of time, will deposit at the bottom of the bottle and give the oil its typical dark green colour.